Hi! I'm Kimberly, and ever since I was in my teens I had the desire to write my own novel.  I am turning 48 this year, and I have decided that I have enough "life" experiences, to write "a few" books.  Technology has continually changed the way we function, so I have decided to create this website and "blog" my novel.  I anticipate that this type of forum will allow me to reach a larger audience to share my experiences.  My intentions are to be a support and possibly a resource to other parents and families who are going through, or have already experienced the stressors of having a sick child or infant.  I never would have expected that my life could become a roller coaster ride, with no end in sight.  I hope I will keep you captivated as you follow along and share the journey from my "sick baby" to my "new life".

  1. Backup Vocals - September 2009 to PRESENT
  2. Owner/Manager - October 2013 to October 2014
  3. Director & Secretary/Treasurer - February 2012 to June 2014
  4. Clerk/Typist - Scheduler - Various terms from February 1991 until May 2000
Backup VocalsSeptember 2009 to                                    PRESENT

Music Ministry - Sharing God's word with Senior's at local care facilities, through the music of Country Gospel.
Completed:  May 11, 2013
Associate Chaplain
​Community Chaplain Canada, Saint John, NB

Received a Training Certificate from the Community Chaplain Service Canada Inc. in recognition of the successful completion of the Associate Chaplain Training Seminar.
Owner/ManagerOctober 2013 to                                         October 2014

Duties Performed:         Scheduler/Bookkeeper for "All Season" Lawn-Yard-Garden Maintenance business.
Graduated:  June 1988
Honours Dipolma - Specialized Accounting Clerk
Director & Secretary/Treasurer -
February 2012 to June 2014

Vision:  To engage the community by providing a humble and non-threathening place of peace and harmony, spiritually inspired and formed from the love and kindness shown to us by Jesus Christ.
Success Business College, Truro, NS  

Major Subjects included:  
Data & Word Processing
Clerk/Typist & Scheduler
Various Terms as a Civilian employee starting February 1991
until May 2000.

Duties Performed:  Various duties as required in the different sub-sections of Construction Engineering at DND, 14 Wing Greenwood, NS.

Graduated:  June 1986
High School Diploma
Middleton Regional High School, Middleton, NS

University Preparatory Courses.